Poker Underworld is a network of Poker players who share strategies and advice.

By making use of a number of useful web 2.0 tools, our players are able to analyze their playing habits and compare ideas with other players on how to play each hand.

Players compete for the highest ranking on the website, and can challenge each other head to head to climb the rankings.

Can you rise to the top of the Poker Underworld?

For more information on the tools we are working on and have created in the past, please see our blog.

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This website wouldn't have turned out as well as it did without the help of some freely available development tools.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many points do I start out with?
- $2,000

What do I do if I run out of points?
- You can refill your points once your balance is below $100. A refill gives you $1000 points and is reflected on your profile page.

What can I win?
- The purpose of Poker Underworld is improve your game and see how high you can rank on the website. Soon you will also be able to challenge other players head to head to improve your ranking. You will also be able to win prizes and compete for prizes - so work on your game and be ready!

What features does Poker Underworld offer to help my better my game?
- You can improve your game by reading other player's hand comments and stories, and by analyzing your playing habits with our hand analysis tools.

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